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printتاریخ ایجاد:12/9/2020 2:15:38 AM
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The New Public Relations Manager of Sepahan Club was introduced

During a ceremony, Mohammad Reza Saket, the managing director of Foulad Mobarake Sepahan Cultural and Sports Club, appointed the new director for Public Relations section of the club.

In this ceremony, which was held in the presence of Dr. Firouzi, Deputy Executive and  Commercial director, a group of managers and also the staff of the Public Relations section, Mohammad Reza Saket introduced Ali Nazeri as the new manager of the Public Relations section.

In the end, the efforts of Hamid Bagheri, the former public relations manager of the club, were praised and he was introduced as the manager of another section of the club.

It is worth mentioning that Ali Nazeri, who has M.A. in Culture and Media, previously worked as a media consultant for Sepahan Club.

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