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printتاریخ ایجاد:1/1/2021 12:20:00 PM
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Congratulations of Sepahan Club Managing director on Christian New Year

Mohammad Reza Saket, the managing director of Foulad Mobarake Sepahan Cultural and Sport Club, congratulated the Christians of the world on the arrival of the New Year 2021.

In the text of the message it's mentioned:

In the name of the Only Creator

On behalf of the large family of Foulad Mobarake Sepahan Cultural and Sport Club, I would like to congratulate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, the messenger of promising advent of prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and the arrival of the New Year to all Christian monotheists in the world, especially Christian compatriots as well as Christian players of Sepahab Club teams and wish them a year full of goodness and blessings, peace and tranquility.

Jesus Christ (PBUH) was the crystallization of the love of the Almighty in the eyes of the nations who sincerely sought the essence of human transcendence akin to the Messianic breath of the Prophet was a confirmation of the unparalleled power and greatness of God before the eyes of believers whom mundane glories and worldly powers had made them slip.

It is hoped that these divine days, along with the increase of human knowledge, will lead all the followers of the divine religions towards prosperity, peace and fellowship, and that the shadow of human peace and dignity will spread throughout the world.

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