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Isfahan is located at 32 degrees and 38 minutes north latitude and 51 degrees and 39 minutes east longitude in the center of Iran with an average altitude of 1570 meters above sea level on the shores of Zayandehroud River. Isfahan or Sepahan was the residence of the kings of this dynasty during the Achaemenid kings. While all the evidences and proofs indicate that Isfahan was prosperous during the Achaemenid, Seleucid, Parthian and Sassanid periods. Scattered and magnificent works that have survived around Isfahan from the Seljuk period - often from the Malikshah period - show well that in addition to the wealth and magnificence and development that brought Isfahan to its peak in this period, The area around Isfahan also had this gift for miles. Each of these works such as Ardestan Grand Mosque (553 AH = 1158 AD) Minaret and Pamanar Mosque (461 AH = 1068 AD) Barsian Mosque and Minaret (492 AH = 1099 AD) Gar Mosque and Minaret (515 AH = 1121 AD) AD) Minaret of Sin Mosque 526 AH = 1132 AD) Minaret and Mosque of Gaz (Seljuk period) and Minaret of Rahravan village (Seljuk period) as the most beautiful Islamic buildings and masterpiece of Isfahan School of Architecture, depth of thought, design ability and superior degree of science and technology Shows a building in this period and it is not unreasonable that it has been imitated in other parts of Iran for centuries

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Some sightseeing and historical monuments:

• Allah Verdi Khan Bridge or 33 bridges
• Khajo Bridge
• Shahr-e-stan Bridge
• Joei Bridge 
• Imam Mosque
• Atiq Jameh Mosque
• Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
• Imam Square (Naghsh-e-Jahan)
• Chaharbagh or Soltani school
• Ali Qapou  Palace
• Chehel Sotoon palace
• Tomb of Amo Abdollah (Minar Janban)
• Soltani or Chaharbagh school

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If we look closely, we found that Safavid architecture originate in the reign of Shah Abbas. Wilfried Blunt says about the works of this period in Isfahan: The beginning of Shah Abbas urban planning was in the boldness of imagination and the huge scale of the plan, which included the construction of a large capital with streets, palaces, madrassas, mosques and schools, markets, baths, castles Gardens, Shah Abbas's right hand in carrying out this ambitious plan was a truly eminent man, Sheikh Baha'u'llah al-Ameli, known as Sheikh Baha'i. As a divine theologian, philosopher, commentator on the Qur'an, jurist, astronomer, teacher, poet and engineer, he was an abstract of the Safavid society of the time of Shah Abbas. Its climate has always been good, the proverbs of writers and poets, and its people have been distinguished by their extraordinary intelligence, ingenuity and artistry. The land of Isfahan has long been described as an art-maker and its people as artists. Foreign historians and archaeologists of the last century in Europe have identified Isfahan as one of the most important historical cities in the world, such as Beijing, Venice, Rome, and Florence, and in terms of its historical-Islamic significance, it has been named the "Star of the Islamic World".

Sepahan S.C.

In 1953, a club named (Shahin) was started in Isfahan by the late of Professor Mahmoud Hariri, and in 1967, due to the disorganization of Shahin Sport Club in Tehran, it was renamed to be the flag bearer of sports and club management in Isfahan under the name of Sepahan. From the beginning of 1993, this club was supported by Sepahan Cement Factory and continued its activities under the name of "Sepahan Cement Cultural and Sports Club". In 2000, after a period of extensive consultation by provincial officials and the agreement of Isfahan Mobarakeh Foolad(Steel) Complex, "Foolad Mobarakeh Cultural and Sport Club", which operated as an organized club in Isfahan for many years, covered the Sepahan football team. Gave to continue its cultural and sports activities under the name of Sepahan Foolad Mobarakeh  Cultural and Sport Club. The club currently specializes in football, handball, karate, chess, swimming, basketball, judo, shooting for the disabled and veterans, volleyball, taekwondo, table tennis, weightlifting, gymnastics, wrestling, athletics and mountaineering in the men's section. And handball, basketball, karate, badminton, chess, table tennis, swimming, futsal and fitness are active in the women's section. It is worth mentioning that Sepahan Mobarakeh Steel Club was introduced as a model club in 2000 by the Physical Education Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran and in 2002 it was introduced as the top club in the festival of the best by the sports community and the press. In 2003, as the first city team to break the tradition, it became the champion of the third season of the Iranian Professional Football League, and in 2005, it was introduced as the country's exemplary handball club. It is worth mentioning that in 2007, in terms of achieving brilliant results in the field of football, which was accompanied by winning the Asian runner-up title and qualifying for the Club World Cup in 2007, the best football club festival of Iran was organized by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Organization. Was held and won the first title. It is worth mentioning that Sepahan Mobarakeh Steel Cultural and Sports Club was introduced as the top brand of the province in 2009 in the 100 Brands Festival of Isfahan province, and in 2010 by the FIFA World Football History and Statistics Federation, Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan football team in the first decade The 21st century won the title of the best Iranian team and the eighth team in Asia and the two hundred and thirty-seventh team in the world. Following the success of Sepahan football team, the half-world gold medalists in the sports seasons (2009-2010,2010-2011 and 2011-2012) succeeded in winning the championship of the country's Premier League in three consecutive seasons and held a record. Be in this field. Also, Sepahan football team won the championship of the National Cup in the 2012-2013 season, and in the 2014/15 season, it stood on the championship platform of the country's Premier League for the fifth time. Winning the championship title of Karate Club World Cup in 2011  in Turkey is also a golden leaf of the honors of this ancient club.

Mobarakeh Steel Company


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Isfahan 's Mobarakeh Steel Company, which is now one of the largest industrial units in the Islamic Republic of Iran, is located on a 35 square kilometer land near Mobarakeh city, 65 kilometers southwest of Isfahan. The executive operation of this complex began in 1981 and continued during the imposed war and under the air strikes of enemy fighters by the capable soldiers of the Industrial Front. Construction and technical activities carried out during the construction of this complex in the Middle East are unique and as nearly 18 million and 700 thousand cubic meters of excavation and amounting to one million and 845 thousand cubic meters of concreting, one million and 800 thousand square meters of formwork 80,000 tons of reinforcement, about 150,000 tons of steel structures, one million square meters of cover installation and over 500,000 tons of equipment and machinery have been installed in it. The first electric arc furnace of the steelmaking unit of this complex was launched in September 1991, and on January 14, 1992, the production lines of this large factory were inaugurated by current  president 2.4 million tons, most of the country's need for this strategic commodity was met.

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In the years after reaching the nominal capacity, the company, by gaining experience and economic capabilities, to meet the growing needs of the domestic and foreign markets and the optimal use of existing production equipment and machinery, plans to increase production in the form of development plans. And using financial, rial and foreign currency credits, implemented the first stage of development projects, which achieved these successes by increasing the production capacity resulting from the implementation of development projects along with the products of the steelmaking and continuous rolling area (Saba), which in 2006 The production of Mobarakeh Steel Company joined caused the production of this company to reach 4.7 million tons in 1985, and it is planned to implement the second phase development plans under the existing roof of the steelmaking area and new steelmaking lines (Shahid Kharazi project) and According to the five-yeark plan (2010-2011), the company's production will increase to 6 million tons by 2010and to 9 million tons by 2011.