Even the national team does not have these incomparable facilities like Sepahan
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Even the national team does not have these incomparable facilities like Sepahan

Dabbaghi said: The greatest striker goal-scoring of Sepahan club explained about the good conditions of this team in Anten website

I had many offers from neighboring countries to become a legionnaire, but the fact is that I intend to be in Europe and being in countries like Turkey is not valuable for me”, Hajar Dabbaghi, who has managed to score 119 goals during his 5 seasons in Sepahan, said in Anten website. as reported by the public relations of Sepahan SC.


“Beside Sepahan is the team of my city, there is not any other teams which have Sepahan’s facilities, we have a suitable field, good accommodation conditions and etc, we have such good facilities that we do not see even in the national team. I recommend other football players to join Sepahan for realizing differences between Sepahan and other teams”. Dabbaghi said regarding why she has been playing in Sepahan for many years and does not enter into the winner of Pro League teams.

“In my idea, Lack of live broadcasting of matches is the weakness of women's football in our country. Our team records its matches, but many teams are unable to do this. It maybe weird, but sometimes the quality of the videos is so bad and the distant of the camera is a lot for recognizing players and just it is possible by the color of our stocks. Hajar Dabbaghi, the 23-year-old forward of Sepahan continued.   

“The fact is that these goals are the result of all the team efforts, I scored 119 goals during these 5 seasons in Sepahan and I hope it continues in the future”, Hajar Dabbaghi explained about her unattainable records in the number of the goals she scoreded for Sepahan.

“I hope good teams such as Esteghlal and Persepolis have women teams in the near future, in fact we hope all men clubs start their activity in the women's division as well”, Dabbaghi also added at the end.

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