Foolad Mubarake Sepahan Club received two stars of National Excellence Award in 2023.
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Two stars Excellence Award in the hands of Sepahan

Foolad Mubarake Sepahan Club received two stars of National Excellence Award in 2023.

According to the public relations report of Foolad Mobarake Sepahan Club and quoted by Mohammad Jazan, the club's development and technology manager, based on a written planning and detailed process, with organizational coherence, improvement in the quantitative and qualitative process of the club's plans, projects and actions, raising the awareness level of the group regarding development path of the club, by establishing the model of organizational excellence and implementing improvement programs, Sepahan Club became the first Iranian club to obtain the 2-star recognition level of the National Award of Excellence from the Center for Organizational Excellence of the Industrial Management Organization of Iran.

This award was given to Mohammadreza Saket, CEO of the club, yesterday in the framework of the 20th edition of the National Excellence Award conference at the conference hall of the Industrial Management Organization.

It should be noted Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan Club had succeeded in obtaining a certificate of commitment to excellence from the Industrial Management Organization last year as well as this year with two leaps of improvement, this award became a two-star certificate.

Undoubtedly, the movement of Sepahan club in the path of excellence is endless and due to appreciation and support of the club's CEO, the leadership and support team of Foulad Mubarakeh, as well as the organizational efforts of the club's personnel, this path will continue with strength.

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