Sepahan, the victor of Azadi
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Sepahan, the victor of Azadi

In the first week of Sepahan SC's Pro League against Esteghlal, Sepahan managed to win the match at Azadi stadum.

As reported by the public relations of Sepahan SC, The first week of the 22nd season of the football Pro league started at 19:00 today, Friday, the 12st of August, 2022, Esteghlal Tehran fielded against Sepahan SC at Azadi Stadium in Tehran.
In the first half of the match, two teams faced each other and in the most dangerous scene of this half, Hosseini, The goalkeeper for Esteghlal, saved Omid Noorafkan's free kick, and Farshad Ahmadzadeh failed to score a goal to Esteghlal in rebound.
In the second half of this match Sepahan was the superior, Jose Morais's students were able to create dangerous situations on Esteghlal's goal and could score 2 goals.
Yasin Salmani in 53' and Ramin Rezaian in 57' scored the golden goals of Folad Mubarake Sepahan in this match.

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