The former Barcelona player officially took over the leadership of Sepahan
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After the final negotiations

The former Barcelona player officially took over the leadership of Sepahan

Veslin Vojovich, a famous coach in the world of handball, officially took over the leadership of the Sepahan handball team with a contract.

According to the public relations report of Sepahan Foolad Mobarake Club; Veslin Voyovich, the head coach of our country's national handball team, with the opinion of the club's board of directors, in order to get benefit from foreign knowledge and to guide the Sepahan handball team in continuation of Premier League and Asian Club Cup competitions, as well as holding knowledge-building courses, monitoring the performance of basic teams, talent search and training Talents were chosen as the head coach of Sepahan senior handball team with a contract.

This Montenegrin coach was born in 1961 and has brilliant records in the field of club and national coaching as well as acting career.

Winning fourth title of the Sydney Olympics in 2000 with national team of Yugoslavia, winning second place in World Youth Championship with the national team of Serbia and Montenegro in 2002 and the World Junior Championship with the same team in 2005, winning the European Championship with the national junior team of Serbia and Montenegro in 2004, winning the fifth place in senior world championship in 2005 with the senior national team of Serbia and Montenegro and winning the third place in world championship in 2017 with the senior national team of Slovenia and fourth place in the Asian handball championship, winning the world quota in 2022 together with the national team of our country It is among the most important titles of Veslin Vojovic in the field of national coaching.

Veslin Vojovic also has a brilliant record in the field of club coaching; This coach's career includes participation in world-famous clubs, including Vardar of Macedonia and Zagreb of Croatia. Championship in Spanish clubs with the Real Sociedad team and also championship in European clubs with the same team, three championships in Macedonian Handball Super League and two championships in the Macedonian Club Cup with the Vardar team, championship in the Croatian Handball League in two consecutive seasons with the Zagreb team and championship in The Kingdom of Qatar Cup is one of the achievements of this prominent coach in the club arena.


During his career as one of the most prominent handball players in the world, he won the gold medal of the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984 and the bronze medal in Seoul in 1988, and he also won a gold and a silver medal in the world championships in 1982 and 1986, respectively. Vojovic has won the third European Championship and two European Club Championships in his professional career.


Being in the Barcelona club for six years is considered a turning point in the acting career of Veselin Vojovic. This famous handball coach was chosen as the best player in the world in 1988, and in 1986 he was also recognized as the best athlete in Yugoslavia.

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