With the direct influence of the referee, the top of the table was taken from Sepahan
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With the direct influence of the referee, the top of the table was taken from Sepahan

In the game between Sepahan and Malavan, a golden penalty was burned, a wrong yellow card got the Sepahan player on the cane, and a 100 percent goal chance was taken away from Sepahan.

According to the public relations report of Foolad Mubarake Sepahan Club, the match between Sepahan and Malavan football teams in the 27th week of the Premier Football League ended with a 1-1 draw, and once again, refereeing mistakes caused the loss of Golden team, Sepahan lost the top of the table.

In the 5th minute of this match, after passing a Malavan player, Omid NoorAfken was brought down in the penalty area by the opponent's defender. The referee did not believe in a penalty for Sepahan and showed a yellow card to NoorAfken.

Referee experts believe that Sepahan's penalty was burned in this scene, and the referee, in addition to taking a scoring chance from Sepahan, wrongly fined Noorafken with a yellow card.

Also, in the 37th minute, the ball behind the penalty area of Malavan clearly hit the defender of this team, but the referee and the assistant referee easily passed this scene and the one-on-one and very good scoring position was taken from Sepahan.

This is Sepahan's 9th complaint about refereeing errors that have occurred during this season to the detriment of Golden team.

It should be noted that, according to the opinion of referee experts, in the last two matches of Sepahan with Tractor and Mes Rafsanjan, three penalties of this team were burned due to refereeing mistakes.

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