The long steps of golden boys
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The release of two inmates of Isfahan Central Prison by Captain Sepahan

The long steps of golden boys

The golden captain of Sepahan, in a benevolent act, made preparations for the return of two inmates of Isfahan Central Prison to the arms of their families.

According to the public relations report of Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan Club, the captain of the adult football team of this club has provided the release of two prisoners in financial debt from Isfahan during a godly decision and in continuation of the benevolent school which was about approval and central prison.

Jalaluddin Ali Mohammadi, the midfielder of Sepahan team, paid 500 million rials to the release of two clients of Isfahan prison, they were in prison for about 8 months due to debt.

Last month, Ali Mohammadi has been two players of Sepahan's Golden team, who have donated to to help the prisoners of non-intentional crimes and provided money for the release of the prisoners in jail.

It should be noted that Hossein is 58 years old and he is the father and Abbas has two 5-year-old kids, who returned to his warm family with help of the golden-coated captain of Sepahan.

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