The superiority of Sepahan against the national youth team
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It was a friendly match

The superiority of Sepahan against the national youth team

The Sepahan senior handball team passed the barrier of the national junior team in a friendly match.

According to the public relations report of Foulad Mobarakeh Sepahan Club, the adult handball teams of Foulad Mobarakeh Sepahan and the national youth team of Iran met each other in a friendly match on Saturday evening (March 13) at Sepahan Club's exclusive camp located in Safaiah Mobarakeh.

This game was held in framework of the joint camp of the two teams, ended with the result of 34-31 in favor of Sepahan.Mohammad Reza Saket, CEO, Ali Ghasemi, Championship Sports Manager, and Mohsen Taheri, the club's handball team manager, were among the special guests of this meeting.

The Talaee poshan camp will continue until Monday, and then Majid Rahimizadeh's students will continue their training in Isfahan.

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